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Friends Only

So I've decided to officially make my journal friends only. This won't include my fanfiction, which will continue to be open for all who want to read it.

If you want to be added to my friends list, feel free to comment to this post.

Drabble: NCIS, McGee/Abby, "Looking For"

Title: Looking For
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: K+
Characters: McGee/Abby
Notes: Sad little drabble that popped in my head this morning.

He tried to move on after she ran away from what was growing between them. They remained friends and for that he was incredibly grateful.

He tried dating other people, but the relationships never lasted. They weren't what he was looking for.

She dated others as well. The pain he felt every time she talked about her latest boyfriend only seemed to grow over the years rather than diminish. He didn't know what she was looking for, only that it wasn't him, and that was the worst pain of all. Each time she found somebody new, the fear that she would finally find it threatened to overtake him.

He kept dating, and to him, it didn't feel like a double standard, because he was looking for her, and that was something he knew he would never find.

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Fanfiction: "Crossing the River" Ch. 1 of 7 (Pokemon)

Title: Crossing the River, Ch. 1 of 7
Fandom: Pokemon
Word count: 5740
Rating: K+
Characters: Ash/Misty
Summary: Set during their travels through Johto, Ash and Misty get into an argument which leaves Ash worried their friendship may be damaged beyond repair. When he discovers she's entered a local beauty pageant, he doesn't know what to think, but his journey to repair their friendship may lead to a completely unexpected territory.
Author’s Notes: It's been more than a decade since I published a full-length Pokemon fic. I started "Crossing the River" around the time I was finishing “Dark Prophecy” back in 2002 as a change of pace from the darker material I had been writing at the time. After a while, however, I shelved it, more for a lack of time than a lack of interest. Every few years I’d return to the story, only to eventually move on to other projects in other fandoms. After I stopped writing in the Pokemon fandom, this story refused to be ignored and I kept finding myself drawn back to it in an attempt to write the rest. Then last year, I decided to finish it once and for all. What was first intended to be a short one-shot, however, has grown significantly and it is now one of the largest works I’ve ever written, exceeding even “Dark Prophecy” by about 12,000 words. I truly hope you enjoy this story.

LINK to FFnet
Ash/Misty love stare

It's done...

Eleven years later, and my Pokemon fic "Crossing the River" is done. I dropped this story and picked it up so many times, I honestly thought I would never finish it. Years went by and it collected virtual dust on my computer and later on my Google Drive account. Last summer, I decided once and for all I was either going to finish it or drop it for good.

It was never meant to be a long story. It was a simple fluff piece about Ash and Misty becoming a couple. In my story "Dark Prophecy," I had planned on getting them together, but then realized the story wouldn't work the way I wanted it to unless they were already a couple at the beginning. My next Pokemon fic was "Words We Couldn't Say," and like "Dark Prophecy," it wasn't a very happy story by the end.

So I really just wanted to go fluff for a change of pace.

When I picked it up last summer, I was pretty much where I had been for the past several years, at about 12,000 words. I knew the basic outline of what I wanted to happen, but as I started writing in earnest, more and more scenes kept adding themselves. Then new characters arose, first as simple placeholders for a scene in which Ash and Misty would go to dinner, and then they stuck around, becoming important parts of the remaining story. Soon, the story had taken on a life of its own and kept growing.

Now it's done, or at least the first draft is. I've written three times as much in the past year than I did in the previous 10... and the story is now right around 45,000 words. It's the longest single piece I've written. They only thing longer was my script-formatted "Invasion" series I did for South Park, which was 13 episodes long and totaled around 50k.

I just finished my first full front to back read-through and fixing the corrections and changes. I'm now going to pass it off to a friend of mine who's read all but the last three scenes. I'm hoping to have it ready to post in the next week or two. Maybe. It's going to be hard to let this one go since it's been with me for so long.
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Fanfiction: FMA - "Face in the Snow"

Title -- Face in the Snow
Author -- marlex
Fandom -- Fullmetal Alechmist (Manga/Brotherhood)
Rating -- PG-13
Characters/Pairing -- Original
Timeline/Spoilers -- Dark AU Future based on the actual events of the conclusion.
Word Count -- 495
Warning -- AU
Summary -- Two men enter the forbidden lands in search of treasure, but what they find is something neither of them could have expected.
Author's Note -- Written for fma_fic_contest prompt #200, Glisten. It won second place.


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Fanfiction: "Raw is South Park"

Okay. Since it came up in the 30 Days of Fanfiction Meme, I present to you my very first fanfic, written in either late 1999 or early 2000. And yes, it is a South Park/WWF cross over.

Title: Raw is South Park
Fandom: South Park/WWF
Summary: The boys are excited to learn the World Wrestling Federation is coming to South Park and allowing anyone to wrestle for the chance to win $1,000.
Rating: R
Word count: 3,568
Spoilers: None
Notes: Like I said above, this is the very first fanfic I ever wrote, posted on's forum in late 1999 or early 2000. It's in script format, like all but one of my South Park fics were. The author's note behind the cut is the original note which accompanied the story when it was first posted.

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